Gale Franklin is a singer songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Gale is a PhD student in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies and she is also concurrently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Migration and Diaspora Studies. Gale completed her Master’s in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and her Bachelor of Music Honours at Carleton University.

Gale’s research at Memorial University was awarded a Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and she was awarded a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship for her doctoral research. Gale’s M.A. research titled, "The Listening Habitus of Syrian Refugees in Canada: Tactical Listening amid Conflict, Displacement and Resettlement," explored the pre- and post-migration sonic experiences of Syrian refugees as well as examined how music acts as a site for experiencing the world and understanding oneself and one’s surroundings. She investigated how music and listening experiences are interconnected with memory, trauma, senses of belonging, and intersensoriality. Building on this research, Gale explores how music and other forms of expressive culture shape newcomer experiences in Canada and how they can be used to facilitate settlement and integration experiences as well as intercultural understanding in Canada. In the context of Canada’s commitment to the resettlement of refugees, her project advances our understanding of the challenges and possibilities faced by newcomers to Canada. Through collaborative efforts, Gale’s research engages newcomers in program development designed to enhance their integration experience and daily lives in Canada.

Music has always been a passion of Gale’s and has taken her all over the globe, whether it was learning to play new instruments, new genres, or songwriting, music has always been a part of Gale’s life.  

Gale’s debut EP showcases her inherent musicality, captivating voice and creative writing skills. Ranging from pop, R&B and jazz influences Gale’s sound is a delightful blend of powerhouse vocals, soft harmonies and intimate moments.  

Gale is currently located in Ottawa, ON and is accepting students for online voice, piano, music theory or songwriting lessons!